Tartine Organic Bakery was created by food lover and artisan baker Thibault Peigne.

A Frenchman, he grew up in Western Brittany, in the fishing village of Douarnenez, where his family own the oldest canned fish factory in the world, renowned for its hand-prepared sardines Connetable. Thibault is a former cost-accountant whose love of good food inspired him to work in the organic food industry for Ballybrado Direct.

Ireland has been his second home since 2005.
Retraining as a baker in Germany in 2010, he found himself working as a baker in Caviston Food Emporium, Sandycove, designing and producing an artisan bread range and patisserie until early 2012, when he decided to set up Tartine.

During recent years there has been a resurgence of artisan bakeries and as consumers become more educated and health conscious, there has been a corresponding growth in the demand for tasty, nutritious and preservative-free artisan bread.

Thibault, a bread purist, is dedicated to producing high quality organic breads using stone-ground organic flour, water and sea salt.